OpenSea was the world’s first decentralized marketplace for trading cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With its inception, a lot of new NFT marketplaces have emerged with a different take on crypto trading and Web3 community governing rules. One such NFT Marketplace is the miniOrange NFT Marketplace where users get to build their own NFT Marketplaces from […]

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NFT token gated Education course and tutorial allow the course owner to lock/restrict Education content and grant access based on NFT owned in the wallet. Login with crypto wallet to Education course websites and pages with support for both hot wallet and cold wallet login. Restrict access to different courses and tutorial videos and manage […]

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NFT token gated Google Meet and Zoom is an approach to managing the participants in a virtual meeting and webinar. Here users login to Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype using a cryptocurrency wallet, and for accessing the meeting user should hold the required NFT or tokens in their wallets. Depending on the NFT or token [...] Read More →
In the Web3 world, memberships based on NFTs are providing new opportunities and solving problems that traditional Web 2.0 memberships couldn’t. Token-gated (or NFT-based) memberships use blockchain technology that offers a host of features while being secure and decentralized. Let’s ‌look at everything that NFT-based memberships ‌offer, and why you should use them.   What [...] Read More →
A common problem that arises when using Decentralized Applications (dApps), or other services that function on a blockchain, is being able to quickly and securely authenticate a user so they can log in with ease. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into all things web3 and explore how you can access blockchain-based services [...] Read More →