URL Rewriting makes your website user-friendly and readable by changing your site’s path structure and rewriting its URL. If you have a complex WordPress site URL, it becomes difficult for users to understand where they are being redirected. Users clicking on your web site page link on Google SERPs and other web server pages will [...] Read More →

NFT token gated Education course and tutorial allow the course owner to lock/restrict Education content and grant access based on NFT owned in the wallet. Login with crypto wallet to Education course websites and pages with support for both hot wallet and cold wallet login. Restrict access to different courses and tutorial videos and manage […]

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NFT token gated Google Meet and Zoom is an approach to managing the participants in a virtual meeting and webinar. Here users login to Google Meet, Zoom, and Skype using a cryptocurrency wallet, and for accessing the meeting user should hold the required NFT or tokens in their wallets. Depending on the NFT or token [...] Read More →
FAPI and Open Banking are two concepts that are being mentioned increasingly in the online financial discourse. You’ll often find these terms used in the same sentence. But what exactly is FAPI and why is it important? What does it have to do with Open Banking? Let’s have a look.   What is Open Banking? [...] Read More →
Among the dominant open web standards available to you today, OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC) are perhaps the most flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Let’s see why both these are so widely used, and why you may want to think about implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) onto your website. OAuth: Open Authentication, or OAuth, is [...] Read More →
Schools and Colleges have gotten domain-specific in the last few years and offer multiple courses to lakhs of students every year available on WordPress websites. This has not only increased the number of students but also the teachers and administrators. With an overall increase in personnel and courses, the number of portals for logins on [...] Read More →
Normal Users usually create a lot of accounts in day-to-day life for various applications and software. That's quite frustrating for users to create an account on every platform and remember each and every credential for authentication. When a User comes to your E-commerce site to purchase something but instead he has to create a new [...] Read More →