Key Concepts: Overview: Learn about the OAuth 2.0 grant type, Authorization Code Flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE). Why PKCE Authentication is Required? How does it work? PKCE Authentication Flow  Review implementation methods with miniOrange SDKs.   Overview: The Authorization Code Flow + PKCE is an OpenId Connect flow specifically designed to authenticate […]

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A Directory Service is a database that stores and maintains information about users and resources. Directory services are used in many different applications, including email systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and content management systems. Directory services can be either centralized or distributed. In a centralized service, all the information is stored on one server. […]

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With so many options available for securing your on-premise Active Directory, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Many organizations have a natural inclination towards hybrid solutions that provide the most secure and user-friendly experience for everyone. However, some businesses prefer on-premise solutions because they give them more control over their data.  That doesn’t mean on-premise Active [...] Read More →
What is Deprovisioning? Deprovisioning is the process of automatically removing a user's access from numerous SAAS app accounts and network infrastructure at the same time. Deprovisioning safeguards the security and confidentiality of the company by prohibiting departing employees from using corporate resources. The Deprovisioning action is triggered when an employee quits their job or changes [...] Read More →
Rise of Cybersecurity Threats to Banks and Financial Institutions It is estimated that the cost of cyberattacks in the banking sector has increased dramatically, reaching 15.4 million euros per firm yearly. Protecting the assets of the consumer is the main goal of cybersecurity in digital banking. More and more activities or transactions are being done [...] Read More →
  In the early 2000s, SSO providers developed standards like SAML, WsFED, Active Directory (LDAP), etc which only targeted Web platforms These same protocols were not feasible in a mobile first world. The problem with mobile apps is that unlike websites, apps run as separate standalone applications. The user experience needs to be seamless for [...] Read More →
Q1. What is the miniOrange Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Solution? A. miniOrange has a comprehensive SSO & MFA Solution for the world’s favorite ERP Software - Oracle E-Business Suite. Using miniOrange’s Single Sign-On and Multi Factor-Authentication, you can implement a high quality Identity and Access Management strategy for all your legacy applications. miniOrange’s Oracle [...] Read More →