Hello Crowd Admins! An acronym for System for Cross-domain Identity Management, SCIM is an open standard that helps in automating the user identity lifecycle management process. That’s the industry definition, sounds complicated! Let’s see if we can simplify it a bit with the help of this article. It’s all about ‘identity and access management […]

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Password security is very important in today’s digital world. Atlassian allows you to create a secure environment by letting admins set password policies for users which specify the number of characters, type, and special characters.    Advanced Password Policy Manager takes Jira password security to a different level, allowing you to set tailored password policies. [...] Read More →
  Jenkins manages and controls software delivery processes throughout the entire lifecycle, including build, document, test, package, stage, deployment, static code analysis, and much more. To make Jenkins application access easier and provide better security we have an SSO module that can be integrated with Jenkins easily and deployed on Jenkins platforms with some of [...] Read More →
Picture this: You have 1000s of users. Each user accesses multiple atlassian applications like Jira and Confluence and some of them keep facing issues with user access, activation and deletion which by the time you resolve, you have another pile waiting for you. Sounds familiar?  How are you going to manage user provisioning and de-provisioning [...] Read More →