What is Amazon / AWS Cognito? Amazon Cognito is a service that comes under Amazon Web Services. Amazon Cognito can handle user authentication and access for mobile apps that are linked to the internet. The service stores and synchronizes end-user data, by which developers can focus on creating code rather than building and handling back-end [...] Read More →
  Enable Salesforce MFA/2FA before 1st February 2022 Worldwide organizations require greater security of their data, assets, applications, and frameworks making it more clear for the representatives to work from any machine or region. While this has been a comfort of convenience, it additionally makes new opportunities for hackers. This has come up to a [...] Read More →
What is Adobe Captivate Prime? Adobe Captivate Prime is an LMS (learning management system) created by Adobe to enable a simple and centralized learning delivery system for organizations to deliver courses/training/educational content for customers, clients, partners, and any other relevant stakeholders.   What is the problem with Adobe Captivate Prime? Adobe Captivate Prime does not [...] Read More →
What is External API in WordPress? External APIs are designed in such a way that they can be used within an organization or by any person outside the organization who wants the interface access. These External APIs are accessible to External, Third-Party Partners. If a person wants to access these APIs they will require API [...] Read More →