What is IDaaS? IDaaS - Identity-as-a-Service, refers to identity management and access management services offered via the cloud rather than on-premises. Identity services maintain the information related to digital entities. In this form, it can be accessed and used in electronic transactions. An "as-a-service" model represents an operation where an external organization provides a service [...] Read More →
On September 2021, an attacker published credentials for 87,000 FortiGate SSL VPN devices online and created a huge threat to VPN Security by exploiting a known, old vulnerability. Investigators concluded that the credential was obtained by exploiting CVE-2018-13379, a vulnerability that allows unauthenticated attackers to download system files via specially crafted HTTP resource requests. Its [...] Read More →
With the rise in cloud storage and the advent of the internet, more and more businesses are moving their operations/data online. This has greatly reduced storage costs and eased business operations. Individual users have also greatly benefited from the internet to send text messages, post stories on social media sites, or learn a new skill. [...] Read More →
What is Federated Identity Management (FIM)? Federated Identity Management (FIM) system is a structural arrangement between organizations or organizational domains that allows users to access several networks using the same credentials (digital identity). Simply put, FIM is a single login, multiple-access method. A domain here refers to a company (small, medium, or large), a business [...] Read More →
Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an advanced security structure for business processes, policies, and technologies that helps organizations to manage electronic/digital identities of workforce & customers”. With an IAM structure in place, IT admin can make certain that the right people (Organizational employee, end-user) can access the tools they need to do their daily [...] Read More →
  In today’s technological age, along with keeping up with the latest trends in technology, businesses need to make sure that their cybersecurity and data protection measures are up to par. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adopt remote working practices and utilize cloud-based platforms, reinforcing the need for better cybersecurity measures.  By the [...] Read More →
What is Provisioning? Provisioning in its very essence has a very simple meaning – supplying with / making something available.  As we expand and try to understand this word from an Information Technology business perspective, the definition gets more nuanced. It refers to an IT process involving some infrastructure enabling data and asset transfer.  As [...] Read More →
LifeCycle Management (LCM) is an integrated management approach that seeks to achieve sustainable production and consumption of goods and services. LifeCycle management involves making life cycle thinking and product sustainability operational within organizations that seek continuous improvement. User Lifecycle Management (ULM) is a solution that allows organizations to implement one customer, one identity approach for [...] Read More →