Audio files (such as mp3 files, audio recordings or voice recordings, audio messages) are a secure and trusted way of sharing critical information between users or a group. Audio recordings are a popular way for gathering information. You can capture voice recordings of sessions, meetings, seminars, lectures and other audio recordings of different events to save important information and re-listen later on. An audio file is much lighter than a video to transfer and equally reliable in sharing the essence of an event that took place.

So we obviously don’t want any hacker to gain access to and download mp3 audio files that are yours. So we need to add the best security we can to protect your mp3 audio files and minimize risk to your files and recordings. The most effective way to protect your mp3 audio files is by setting up a reverse proxy server with restricted mode configured for the mp3 audio files. With this, you can protect your mp3 audio files and set audio file restrictions for all formats (such as, .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .pcm, .ogg, .wma, .flac, .alac, .dsd, and many more). In this blog, we will see how we can protect mp3 audio files from downloading by unauthorized access by using a reverse proxy server.


What is a reverse proxy server?

A reverse proxy server sits between your website’s origin server and the clients trying to access it. It protects the identity of the origin server by directing traffic from users towards itself, before sending it to the origin server of your website. You can learn more about it by following this link.


Working of a Reverse Proxy Server to protect mp3 audio files from downloading:

With the help of a reverse proxy server, any unauthorized user cannot listen to the protected mp3 audio files (audio recordings or voice recordings), which is an important benefit of the restricted mode (audio restriction). Here’s how a reverse proxy server works towards protecting your mp3 audio files –

  1. User visits the site via the reverse proxy server,
  2. User clicks on an mp3 audio file to either download it or listen to it,
  3. User will be redirected to a Login page where they’ll be prompted to enter their credentials,
  4. These credentials will be sent back to the reverse proxy server and then the website will display one of the 3 outcomes: –
  • A custom error message set by the admin on a new page.
  • An error 403 “Forbidden Page” will be displayed.
  • If the user is authorized, the mp3 audio file can be heard and/or downloaded.


Based on user roles, role based access control (or RBAC) can be set to protect your mp3 audio files, so that the user can just listen to an mp3 audio file or download it as well. This is known as mp3 audio file restriction.
Audio file restriction using reverse proxy

Your mp3 audio files with a Reverse Proxy server:

With a reverse proxy server, you can easily set up RBAC (or role based access control), restricted mode, set IP restrictions based on time and geographical location, and many more features for protecting your mp3 audio files, your audio recordings, your voice recordings and other audio files. No unauthorized user will be able to view or access the folders where your mp3 audio files(audio recordings or voice recordings) are stored and guarantee’s security.


Risk to mp3 audio files without a Reverse Proxy server:

Without a reverse proxy server, your mp3 audio files  can be accessed from any unauthorized user and hence they can easily download and share it further ahead. Without a reverse proxy server, your mp3 audio files, especially your audio recordings or voice recordings, won’t have any security against such threats and leave gaping holes in security.



With a reverse proxy server, we have solved the problem and can now protect all your mp3 audio files, such as your audio recordings, voice recordings, etc. from being downloaded online from unauthorized users by setting restricted mode. Along with audio file restriction, we can even set custom role based access control (or RBAC) on our other MP3 audio files with the help of a reverse proxy server, so that we can allow select users to download the protected files and prevent data leaks.


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