Why should you protect your videos from downloading?

Videos are the most creative way of sharing information across devices. They have become so common that users, mostly developers, prefer watching a tutorial over reading a guide instead. So naturally with this need, a threat of piracy does step in, and your videos may be a target of unauthorized downloading. So what are the best tips to protect your videos from downloading?


How can I protect my videos on my website from downloading?

The most effective way to protect your videos is by setting up a reverse proxy to set restricted mode for the videos. With this we can protect video files and set video restrictions for all formats (such as, .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .avchd, .flv, .f4v, .swf, .mkv, .webm, and many more).

In this blog, we will see how we can protect video from downloading by unauthorized access by using a reverse proxy.


Working of a reverse proxy to protect videos from downloading

A reverse proxy protects the identity and location of your origin server. It sits in front of your origin server and filters out the traffic from malicious requests and other threats from reaching your origin server, hence safeguarding its integrity.

With the help of a reverse proxy, any unauthorized user cannot watch the protected videos, which is one of the benefits of restricted mode(video restriction). Here’s how a reverse proxy works in protecting your video files –

  1. User visits the site via the reverse proxy,
  2. User clicks on a video to either download it or watch it,
  3. User will be redirected to a Login page where they’ll be prompted to enter their credentials,
  4. These credentials will be sent back to the reverse proxy and then the website will display one of the 3 outcomes: –
    1. A custom error message set by the admin on a new page.
    2. An error 403 “Forbidden Page” will be displayed.
    3. If the user is authorized, the video can be viewed and/or downloaded.

Based on user roles, role-based access control (or rbac) can be set to protect videos, so that the user can just watch a video or download it as well. This is known as video restriction.


video restriction reverse proxy

Your videos with Reverse Proxy

With a reverse proxy, you can easily set up rbac (or role-based access control), set IP restrictions based on time and geographical location, and many more features for your videos. No unauthorized user will be able to view or access the folders where your videos are stored and guarantee’s security.


Your videos without Reverse Proxy

Without a reverse proxy, your videos can be accessed from any unauthorized user and hence they can easily download and share it further ahead. Without a reverse proxy, your videos won’t have any security against such threats and gaping holes in security.



With a reverse proxy, we have solved the problem and can now protect videos from being downloaded online from unauthorized users by setting restricted mode. Along with video restriction, we can even set custom role-based access control (or rbac) on our other files with the help of a reverse proxy so that we can allow select users to download the protected files and prevent data leaks.


Other Reverse Proxy solutions:

  1. Bot traffic mitigation.
  2. Load balancing.
  3. IP restriction.
  4. Content caching.


More products for media restriction:

  1. Prevent Files/ Folders Access
  2. Content restriction for Shopify

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