Why should you protect your videos from downloading? Videos are the most creative way of sharing information across devices. They have become so common that users, mostly developers, prefer watching a tutorial over reading a guide instead. So naturally with this need, a threat of piracy does step in, and your videos may be a [...] Read More →
PDFs are the most common way of formatting your data. Companies and organizations have started using a PDF file as their primary form of documentation for writing instructions, setup guides and even images can be shared by converting them to a PDF format. With expanding usage of PDFs in various fields, the question that comes [...] Read More →
Google Workspace apps (formerly known as G Suite apps), is a collection of an entire set of productivity apps, such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, GMail, Google Meet etc, which are used by companies, enterprises, universities and many more, on a daily basis to collaborate on, share, store and edit data of the organization [...] Read More →
Before, you would have to enlist an expert engineer to assemble a custom framework for you, associating your site to Salesforce through their exclusive API. Nonetheless, the Object Sync for Salesforce module improves on a ton of this by making an adaptable framework that permits you to construct associations between WordPress metadata and Salesforce directly [...] Read More →
Bot Traffic on websites has been increasing for small or large businesses globally. These traffic bots are crawling every website they can find, and cause some serious SEO damage to websites. They usually find a way, by using open backdoors of a website or gaining access to a less-protected network to target the site. Traffic [...] Read More →
WordPress site file permissions basically define which users can perform what actions on them. Securing WordPress files and folders provide better protection against vulnerabilities in your site code, security against unstable plugins, and any threats against your WordPress site. The most efficient way to secure your WordPress site without a plugin is by configuring custom [...] Read More →
On September 2021, an attacker published credentials for 87,000 FortiGate SSL VPN devices online and created a huge threat to VPN Security by exploiting a known, old vulnerability. Investigators concluded that the credential was obtained by exploiting CVE-2018-13379, a vulnerability that allows unauthenticated attackers to download system files via specially crafted HTTP resource requests. Its [...] Read More →
With the rapid evolution of digital platforms, there is an increasing demand for more flexible and dynamic UI solutions. With enterprises developing mobile websites, digital displays, conversational interfaces, traditional CMS has failed to keep up with the pace! Traditionally CMS organizes content in webpage-oriented frameworks and acts as both frontend and backend for editing content, [...] Read More →