What is API Rate Limiting and How Does It Work? An API rate limit is a restriction that some APIs impose on the number of requests that can be made within a certain time period. It is put in place to prevent excessive usage of the API and to ensure that it is used fairly [...] Read More →
Audio files (such as mp3 files, audio recordings or voice recordings, audio messages) are a secure and trusted way of sharing critical information between users or a group. Audio recordings are a popular way for gathering information. You can capture voice recordings of sessions, meetings, seminars, lectures and other audio recordings of different events to [...] Read More →

Google Workspace apps (formerly known as G Suite apps), is a collection of an entire set of productivity apps, such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Google Meet, Google Classroom, etc, which are used by companies, enterprises, universities, schools, and many more, on a daily basis to collaborate on, share, store and edit data […]

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Bot Traffic on websites has been increasing for small or large businesses globally. These traffic bots are crawling every website they can find, and cause some serious SEO damage to websites. They usually find a way, by using open backdoors of a website or gaining access to a less-protected network to target the site. Traffic [...] Read More →
WordPress site file permissions basically define which users can perform what actions on them. Securing WordPress files and folders provide better protection against vulnerabilities in your site code, security against unstable plugins, and any threats against your WordPress site. The most efficient way to secure your WordPress site without a plugin is by configuring custom [...] Read More →
Cloud Application Security is a measure taken to protect cloud and application’s data from unauthorized users. It can be useful in decreasing the security risks or vulnerabilities which could impact the cloud infrastructure. Cloud Application Security can be mitigated by using Reverse Proxy using Access Control. What is Cloud Based Access Control? Access control is [...] Read More →