“Excellent support team who showed huge dedication to get us set up from start to finish. The app provides us with functionality we can’t get elsewhere and the team have rolled out a number of new features in the short time I have been using the app.” Always a delight to start off with what […]

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If your business relies on various Atlassian applications and services to conduct your day-to-day operations, you would certainly relate that managing user accounts and their access could be challenging and often time consuming. This is where miniOrange’s User Sync/SCIM App comes into play. SCIM an acronym for ‘System for Cross-domain Identity Management’ is a protocol […]

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miniOrange stands as a reputed partner and provider of security and SSO solutions for multiple platforms being Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal & many more, within the industry. Built on a strong foundation of security fundamentals, we provide secure and reliable Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions that integrate seamlessly with the customer's existing frameworks. We [...] Read More →
Among the dominant open web standards available to you today, OAuth and OpenID Connect (OIDC) are perhaps the most flexible, reliable, and easy to use. Let’s see why both these are so widely used, and why you may want to think about implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) onto your website. OAuth: Open Authentication, or OAuth, is [...] Read More →
Q1. What is the miniOrange Oracle EBS SSO & MFA Solution? A. miniOrange has a comprehensive SSO & MFA Solution for the world’s favorite ERP Software - Oracle E-Business Suite. Using miniOrange’s Single Sign-On and Multi Factor-Authentication, you can implement a high quality Identity and Access Management strategy for all your legacy applications. miniOrange’s Oracle [...] Read More →
According to Security Magazine, the typical business user oversees 191 passwords for work-related purposes and dozens more for personal ones. Up to 5 million passwords may be used by staff members of a company with 25,000 employees. Given the prevalence of passwords, password vulnerabilities are a major contributor to security breaches that result from cyber-attacks. [...] Read More →